What is it?

Upbeat is a 40 week online, anytime, music program for pre-schoolers between the ages of 3 and 6.

We use fun original songs and well-loved tunes, associated with what is being taught each week, to help give children a strong musical foundation.

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Tried and tested in the classroom, Upbeat has been updated to suit children everywhere, as an online extra-mural or a home-schooling option.

Now children can enjoy Upbeat with Teacher Antje from the comfort of their own homes!

How does it work?

  • Upbeat was designed to fit into a typical school year of 4 terms of roughly 10 weeks per term. No matter how your school term is designed, Upbeat can easily fit into your usual extra-mural timetable and is also ideal for home-schooling.
  • Each lesson runs about 20 minutes and is made up of several short videos making it easy to navigate to favourite songs or to repeat a section.
  • Once signed up you will receive lesson 2 to enjoy straight away.
  • A new lesson will be made available each week until the end of lesson 10 (end of term 1).
  • After a 14 day mini break the next term's lessons will be released one week at a time as before until the end of each term with a two week holiday in-between.
  • All lessons that have been released will remain available for the remainder of the full year's subscription, unless the subscription is cancelled.
  • Set aside a weekly Upbeat slot for your child to enjoy their lesson.
  • It is recommended that the device being used is set up in a landscape position for easiest viewing.
  • External speakers are recommended but not required.
  • Instruments are not needed as all those required are easily made from items in your own home
  • Once instruments have been made it is advised that children have them on hand to use for their future Upbeat lessons.

What does the Upbeat curriculum include:

  • note values and rests
  • musical terms
  • dynamics
  • time signatures
  • call and response
  • rhythm development
  • finger rhymes
  • singing
  • co-ordination exercises
  • clapping exercises
  • basic aural training
  • instruments of the orchestra and other
  • styles of music
  • famous musicians, composers and pieces
  • reading notes on the stave
  • asolfege hand signs

Our mission is to nurture a love for music in the heart of every child, whether they can afford it or not.